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B.H.S.R. Skin Revision

“The Human Body is not an object, its a biochemical process in constant homeostasis.” - Marco Guidetti

This credo is the biochemical base of the proprietary B.H.S.R. (Blood Homeostasis Skin Revision) that is the major skin revision therapy at The SkinCare Clinic of Switzerland.

The BHSR is a cellular reconditioning that creates homeostasis (cellular balance). The BHSR is a 2-hour-2-step process. The “phase un” is a sequential application of lab made vitamin formulations that awaken activity and increase the permeability of the capillaries, bringing more nutrients and growth factors to the stem cells. The “phase deux” is an hour long masque that delivers electrons to the cells and speeds up the lymph circulation. When the cells are in homeostasis again, the intracellular toxins are flushed out via the lymphatic system and electronically.
With 12 sessions a new appearance of the skin is achieved in a non-invasive way.

The results are monitored via a futuristic skin analysis system where clients can see in detail the changes in the different layers of the skin.


Peeling Americano
Pumpkin • Mango • Red Berries • Orange

These renovating masques are created by a leading American laboratory. Full of organic fruit and vegetable pulp, fruit-wine and seeds bring balance and rejuvenation.
Peeling Americano deeply regenerates your skin, revealing its entire beauty.

8 treatments cycle
30 minutes


Suzuki Anti-gravity Facial (Muscular re-education)

Visibly lifts, tones and sculpts your face silhouette. Re-educate the muscles with a pleasant and delicate 3-Phase computerized current.
This non invasive-facial:
- relaxes tight muscles of the forehead and around eyes
(botox® -like effect)
- tones the muscles of the cheeks and jaw (face-lift like results).
Effective, gentle, non-invasive and relaxing, as saying… Marvellous!

12 treatments cycle
120 minutes


Vitamin Cellular Respiration

A special antioxidant Vitamin Serum precedes a massage, followed by masque and serum sequences, permitting oxygen to be absorbed into the cells.
Visibly reduces pore size and improves tissue firmness.

60 minutes


Natural Acne Cosmetic Treatment

Ideal to gently improve unclean and irritated skin with finesse.

30 minutes


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