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To be combined with a face skin care treatments.


Body Facial Vitamin Body Firming

Skin rejuvenation for the whole body is one of the preferred treatments of our clientele. Excellent to prepare all body skin for special occasion or red carpet situation. Reduces damage, pigmentation, lines and gives a soft glow.
Your body skin is treated as if it were a face! Exfoliating, massage, exclusive highly therapeutic EGF-Protein Regenerating Electron Donor Serum, massage, seaweed E.G.C.G. and Phyto Pumpkin Extracts and and Glutatione . Special care for all body and specific for décolletage, arms, wrist and knees. Your skin becomes smooth, soft and firm. A series dramatically reduces photo-aging.

8 treatments cycle.
90 minutes


Abdomen and Led Drainage

Acts without any heat applications to help detoxify and drain the tissue of the abdomen and legs. To be combined with a home care cellulite-defying program.

12 treatments cycle


Oxygen Bath

Pleasant and detoxifying. Perfect as healthy and relaxing introduction, before a body or an anti-stress treatment.
(to be combined with a facial)

20 minutes


Full Body Oxygenation

Therapeutic body-wrap. This therapeutic full body wrap is ideal after a trip to the tropics or other geographic areas where microbes and fungus can attach to the skin structure, causing future skin problems and premature aging. Purifies and deeply cleanses all the skin pores of the body!

60 minutes


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