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  To be combined with a face care treatment.

High stress levels increase free radical production and modify our hormone balance. causing faster aging and reducing the skins ability to repair itself.
Sometimes we are so stressed that we lose our guard concerning our stress levels. If stress causes the body to lose it’s balance, cosmetic cures can be ineffective on our beauty. These three treatments allow you to reduce stress and feel serene and in balance.


Relaxing and Harmonising Massage with Wrapping

Based on Sebastian Kneipp Abbot's Naturopathic teachings. An extremely pleasant sequence of anti-contraction manipulations that act together with an organic medical herbs soft body wrap.

90 minutes


Craniosacral Therapy - Dr. Upledger Tecnique

The world famous therapy created by Doctor Upledger.
One of the most sophisticated methods of de-contracting deep tensions.
From a Certified Upledger Therapist.

60 minutes


Warm Flowers Pack with Abdominal Massage

Très agréable!
The central part of our body is the abdomen, called “hara” by eastern medicine. In Chinese and Japanese tradition, the “hara” is considered the seat of one's spiritual energy (qi). Assimilation and elimination are both concrete and emotional concepts. The best-selling book, "The Second Brain" describes the biochemical interconnections between abdomen and emotions.

90 minutes

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