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1 Assimilation

Like all of our body’s organs, our skin cells need adequate nutrients to achieve optimal skin health. The age-old expression “You are what you eat,” still holds true today, however a better phrase would be “You are what your body can assimilate.” A healthy digestive system is the key component to overall health and a properly functioning liver & intestines is the first step to beautiful, radiant skin.

2 Moisturizing

I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve been asked the question, “ How is it possible that I drink lots of water and my skin is still dry?” The answer is easy. Hydration of the skin comes from the humidity in the air around us, not from the water we drink. The ability of the skin to absorb moisture (like a sponge) is directly linked to the levels of collagen. The major cause of collagen destruction is UV Rays. That is why the parts of the body that are most exposed to sunlight are very difficult to keep moist, regardless of how much moisturizer we use.

3 Stress

“I’m so stressed out,” can be heard from people of all ages these days. Few people know that stress leads to faster aging. Why? Because the process of stress produces damaging free-radicals throughout the body. The Second Brain,” Dr. Michael Gershon’s book, illustrates the strong relationship between our tummy and emotions. The key is to get the stress OUT! There are several beneficial methods that help to reduce stress. Scientific studies have proven that transcendental meditation (TM), reduces free-radical production and improves the efficiency of our immune system. A very pleasant method of stress reduction is a healing herbal massage, such as cranio-sacral therapy. Anti-stress treatments are a necessary compliment to anti-aging regimes.

4 Hair

We take such caution in our face care product choices, with the application of pure, soft, light transparent, breathable products and then we go and plop every sort of chemical substance available onto the scalp! From lacquer to plastic films created by hair gels and sprays, it seems there is no end to what we will do to obtain “beautiful looking” hair. Well, under that hair is the scalp, a surface as wide as the face and a continuum of it. Accumulated toxins on the scalp assimilate into the lymphatic system. So, one more step to beautiful, radiant facial skin, is a healthy toxin-free scalp.

5 Masque avec le serum

The proper masque is essential to obtaining beautiful skin. During professional facials and peels a skin therapist uses 2, 3 and sometimes 4 different masques in the same facial! For instance, the eye area is treated differently than the nose, cheek and throat. This technique gets a better response and overall improvement from the skin. Masques should be used 2 or 3 times a week. Even a quick masque used for only a few minutes will produce beneficial results. An extraordinarily effective secret is to apply a serum or gel before you apply the masque.

6 Product choices | quality

We are born with only one skin and it is “our dress” for our entire life. Purchasing skincare products is not a fashion statement. Garments may go in and out of style and hang in your closet, but the effects of a poor choice in skincare is evident for all to see! Improper product choice can cause failure of the epidermis’ natural balance. It is more important than ever, with advances in modern skincare, to rely on a skincare specialist for product selection. The right products combined with the knowledge of correct usage will produce the clean fresh and healthly look that we all desire.

7 Regularity

Many skin rejuvenation products are out on the market these days. Several companies offer the consumer free samples or free trials. Did you know that the type of ingredients used in rejuvenation products only work after an extended period time? Most studies show that it takes 6 months to trigger the skin’s repair mechanism. There are no instant results! Professional skin therapists know this all too well. The wrong product can even damage your skin and you wouldn’t even know it immediately. You can’t go wrong with professional guidance.

8 Exfoliation

Exfoliation is not a cosmetic invention. It is a naturally occurring process of regeneration. Healthy skin produces 5 billion new cells every day to replace the dead ones, just as old leaves falling from the tree. A newborn baby renews their skin every 18 days, whereas in adults it is every 90 days. To achieve healthy skin, we truly need the assistance of these high-tech natural products, which have been proven fully safe by a large quantity of clinical studies.

9 Timing

The best moment to apply a regenerate product is not necessarily at nighttime.
To stimulate optimal skin renewal it is important to apply treatment immediately before lying in bed. When your body is at rest, cellular activity is faster and blood flow increases, carrying oxygen, vitamins, immune cells and repairing elements to the tissues. So remember, to get the best results from your product, bedtime is best!

10 Protection

To protect the skin without suffocating, is the ultimate goal. The skin’s natural hydro-lipid mantel allows the skin to breathe and protects it at the same time.
Many hydrating creams contain substances that block skin respiration causing “acanthosis,” or premature aging. Do not use products that contain occlusive fat such as; petrolatum, mineral oil, paraffin liquidum, ceresin, or micro-crystalline wax. All products used by our clinic are paraffin, petrolatum and perfume free.

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